Are You Faking It? (The Coaching Class & Worksheet)

4 Tools To Help You Drop The Act & Come Back To Your Most Confident Self.

How many times have you told yourself you would slow down and make space for self-care?

How many times have you pumped yourself up to do something courageous and then suddenly back down?

In this mini-class I’m sharing with a key tool in our journey to developing our confidence and our sensuality.

This class will:

  • Give you an inside look into my journey into owning my confidence (no it wasn’t easy)
  • Break down why we find it difficult to embrace ourselves & stay consistent in our practice
  • Four steps we need to take to move forward & thrive
  • Major tool to help you uncover the patterns that don’t fuel your growth.

This mini class comes with a 45 minute audio coaching class & worksheet.

Investment $19

You can also purchase the full intro guide here

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Rashida KhanBey Miller (Rashi)
Rashida KhanBey Miller (Rashi)

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