The RYS Intro Course Agreement - PLEASE READ

Program Confidentiality, Participation Commitment

& Release of Liability Agreement 

As a member of The Reclaiming Your Sexy School (TheRYSMethod) you understand that the work that we are doing within this course is senstive and personal. By enrolling in the program you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

  1. You agree to release Rashida Miller, TheRYSMethod Staff, Contractors, Experts, Vendors, Co-Hosts, Affiliates and Ambassadors from all liability (injury, loss or death) as it pertains to your involvement in The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method.
  2. You agree and understand that The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is not intended to be a replacement for traditional therapy, regular health and wellness programs or your primary care physician. Please honor your body, your livelihood and add the RYS Method to your self-care regimine as an enhancement.
  3. You agree not to screenshot, save, distribute, share or reveal information given to you in any of the course programming. Please respect the privacy of the other members of the program by keeping the information (including but not limited to : reflections, questions, photos, videos or posts) private unless you have written permission from the person via email to share.  
  4. You agree not to recreate, republish or reteach the content in it's format or similar formats as learned in The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method. This work is intended to be used for your personal transformation and process only. If you are interested in becoming a teacher of The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method please email [email protected] with "Teacher Training" in the subject line to be added to the waitlist when more information becomes available. 
  5. You understand that photo and video will be taken during live courses. We respect everyone's privacy and will only use photos in our marketing materials where you are fully clothed, engaging in group discussion and/or personal reflection time during live events. Should we have any questions about your comfort about a photo we are sharing we will reach out to you personally to receive permission. 
  6. If you are traveling to join one of The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method Live experiences you are required to submit documentation of Individual Traveler's Insurance for your trip. We are not responsible for cancellations that occur due to Natural Disasters or Acts of God.
  7. You agree and understand that no refunds are available for The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method experiences (digital,live or other).Please note if a live event is cancelled it will be rescheduled for the following quarter. If the experience is not able to be rescheduled for the following quarter you will receive a partial refund for the actual cost of that particular experience. 
  8. You agree to consult your Physician if you have concerns about your physical capability to indulge in the course materials.
  9. You agree to show up live as often as possible so you can get the most out of this course. Refunds will not be offered for lack of attendance, lack of interest or inability to coordinate schedule. 
  10. You agree to be respectful, thoughtful and courteous of other members in the course. Members that experience internal conflict will be called into a conflict resoltuion meeting. If you fail to attend resolution meeting you will be immediately suspended from the program and full balance of the course still be completed. Chargebacks or disputes will have this agreement presented to your banking institution and you will no longer be eligible to attend or register for any Reclaiming Your SexyMethod experiences.
  11. You agree to maintain your payment schedule as set during your registration/clarity call with Team Sexy. If for any reason you need to reschedule a payment please notify us two weeks in advance so payment information can be updated. If you notify Team Sexy after the two week mark you will be charged a $25 late fee.Credit cards on file that fail to process installments will be charged a $40 admin fee. Clients that fail to meet payment installments and fail to communicate with Team Sexy after three unsuccessful attempts will be charged a $100 fee per failed transaction, notified via email and after 60 days will be sent to collections. 
  12.  Your balance must be paid in full prior to attending the live retreat.  
  13. All clients must schedule a 30 minute intake and exit interview here to document your progress starting the course and finishing the course. These interviews will be taken and turned into client reviews + visual content for marketing. We will only use your voice, never disclose your name and if we are wanting to utilize your likeness we will contact you for permission first. 
  14. Have fun! Enjoy yourself. Don't hold back. Ask questions. Look silly. Don't allow this program to end and you regret not going all in.